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For me, there is nothing without sun! I love to fill up energy and to feel the warmth on the skin.  I will never let anyone slam or to stop me doing this. Sun is life! My life!

Since I know the European Skin Cancer Foundation I know that too much sunlight is dangerous. But I do not have to hide myself at home.  A smart handling with the sunlight,  good sunprotection and a very close eye on my body is much more reasonable. 

I am very pleased to support the campaign “Crime Scene – Skin!” of the European Skin Cancer Foundation. The ESCF makes a significant contribution to prevention, so skin cancer may not arise at all. The horrorfying statistic of about five percent new cases of skin cancer each year shows, that it requires urgent attention to protect people against skin cancer in future.  Contrary to other types of cancer there is a chance of prevention and an early therapy for skin cancer, because you can have a look at the organ skin. This opportunity you cannot allow to slip away…

Stefan Jürgens, Actor and musician

Ambassador of the European Skin Cancer Foundation