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About us

Skin cancer incidence has been continuously increasing during the past decades and skin cancer is currently the most common malignancy in Caucasians. Yet the morbidity of skin cancer and the health burden associated have been underestimated on different levels, by politicians, health care officials and in the general population.

Moreover, diverse treatment algorithms are followed in different countries around Europe. The diagnosis and management of skin cancer in Europe has been in the hands of dermatologists. According to the high incidence and limited availability of dermatologists, however, general practitioners will have to be involved in the care of skin cancer patients, especially of those with non melanoma skin cancer.

The European Skin Cancer Foundation aims to assist in developing and providing standardized prevention strategies and treatment guidelines on a European level, contributing thus to better primary and secondary prevention of these malignancies as well as to dissemination of best treatment practices through training and exchange of knowledge.

It is anticipated that synergy between partners with complementary skills on skin cancer will induce a significant multiplier effect, enabling the accumulation, evaluation and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Public Health.