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Training of European Dermatologists

The EU-Study called EPIDERM has confirmed that the number of cases of Non Melanoma Skin Cancer in Europe is about 30 percent higher than previously thought. The data show that it is urgently necessary to develop prevention programs and risk reduction strategies. Therefore, the European Skin Cancer Foundation has started to train dermatologists from several European countries as well as from Brazil and Canada. Known as the “snowball system” these physicians will train other physicians in their own country on the subject of Non Melanoma Skin cancer. Thus European and International awareness campaigns are possible.

The topics of the so called “Partner Classes ” are skin cancer prevention, treatment of organtransplanted patients, better methods of diagnosis as well as new research approaches of viral skin carcinogenesis.

The first workshops took place in 2011. Since then, about 200 participants from whole Europe can inform themselves annually about news on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.