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SunPass keeps evolving

Over the past few years, we have worked together with representatives of the regional cancer societies, graphic designers and artists, on ideas for a new logo and / or an animal mascot that goes well with the project and with which the children can identify. There are currently two versions, a bear and a snail, some countries also use the old logo (3 children).
New matching picture stories have made our material even more colorful and beautiful: in Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia there is the picture story of the little bear PIP, in Hamburg the children have been looking forward to the booklet "Schnecki and the power of the sun - since the end of 2020" Sun fun instead of sunburn ”.

A number of regional cancer societies have enriched the project with great ideas of their own right from the start, making it more colorful and lively. Some examples are given here:

In Bavaria, the topic of sun protection was taken up during a pirate treasure hunt.
In Schleswig-Holstein, summer festivals were held in day-care centers, at which there were coloring pictures for the children and information material for the parents.
In Hamburg, the design module for children "A sun hat - it does good" (a handicraft and learning unit for children) has been part of the process for three years.

Some federal states have thought of something very special for the certificate handover: In Saxony-Anhalt, for example, there was a big summer festival with bouncy castle and popcorn. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the certification was celebrated together with the European Skin Cancer Foundation as part of a major press campaign with radio and television in the St. Josef Hospital in Bochum. For the award-winning daycare centers in Hamburg, a poetry slammer wrote a poem on the sun that the writer herself recited at a graduation ceremony. A self-composed cream song performed on the ukulele brought it to the stage of the Hamburg Cancer Society in a “summer competition” and was rewarded with a set of exclusive sun hats for the daycare center.

The small Saarland was also very active and creative in implementing the subject of UV protection. There were information stands at trade fairs, a bicycle tour, the inauguration of a company kindergarten, the anniversary celebration of a kindergarten, summer parties and lectures; all under the motto: sun protection for the little ones!