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SunPass - The project in numbers

In 2019 the currently ten participating state cancer societies were able to award awards to over 200 kindergartens, around half of the institutions were able to receive the award for “sun protection kindergarten” again and were rightly very proud of it.
In 2019, the employees of the state cancer societies held 122 parenting evenings and several multiplier training courses, around 3,000 educational specialists were trained and over 15,000 children were reached, who now know how important it is to protect themselves adequately from the sun.
Many state cancer societies cooperate with each other and with the statutory health insurance companies in the implementation and implementation of prevention projects, thereby fulfilling the mandate of the legislator to strengthen health promotion and prevention in people's living environments.

Due to Corona, the prevention project on sun protection, like many other activities, had to pause in 2020 in several federal states or was only allowed to be offered in a greatly reduced form. The numbers for 2020 are therefore not very meaningful. But we used the time to bring our materials up to date, to create new formats (webinars, videos, educational films, etc.) and to finish the new children's book on sun protection "Schnecki und die Kraft der Sonne", which we are to be distributed free of charge to the children involved in the facilities from 2021. Hopefully we will be able to build on our old successes in 2021.

The SunPass project is now also running in other European countries. In Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greece, Romania and Poland, contacts were made with opinion leaders in dermatology and with new contacts, and employees were made familiar with the process and implementation of the kindergarten project. At workshops in Berlin and Bochum, dermatologists from all over Europe could be won over to participate.

SunPass was also launched in Greece: Since April 2016, the ESCF has been conducting training courses for dermatologists in Athens in order to advance the project.

The goal over the next few years is to get other European countries excited about SunPass. Children all over Europe learn how to use the sun correctly and healthily. In this way, the steadily increasing number of skin cancer can be reduced in the long term.