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Protection against Skin Damages 

The best protection against the consequences of excessive UV-radiation is smart handling of the sunlight.  Since the damage of long-term UV-radiation can even result from UV-radiation below threshold, thus never having induced redness or sunburn, sun protection should not be used only in days with intensive sunlight.  

With complete cloud cover still 80 percent of perilous UV-radiation reaches the earth’s surface. Even in the shadow you still have 50 percent intensity of UV-radiation. Never underestimate incident solar radiation through light reflexion (water, concrete) in shadowy places.

10 useful Tips:  

  1.     No midday sun! Avoid sun exposure between 11 am and 3 pm
  2.     Use sun screen regularly/daily!
  3.     Use sun screen with > 30 SPF, effective for UVB and UVA range
  4.     Apply sun screens 20-30 minutes prior to sun exposure
  5.     Think of using sun protective textiles
  6.     Use a hat or cap!
  7.     Protect your eyes with sun glasses!
  8.     Drink enough water to ensure sufficient hydration!
  9.     Avoid artificial sun light (sun beds/tanning salons)!
  10.     Ensure regular dermatologic skin exams!

Bright, light cotton or linen cloth may let pass till 80 percent of UV-radiation and do not protect properly. Clothing made of specially developed sun dense cloth can give nearly 100 percent sun protection.  Suntan gotten by self-tanning lotion does not give any sun protection, since self-tanning lotion induces just a colouring of the outermost layer of the skin.